SOS signal

distress sign in the absence of high-end gadgets.

Various type of signals may be used as the distress signal for help in the absence of high-end gadgets.
These signals are subject to avaibility of mirror, whistle, fire, sand or stone, torch and finally body use

1.SOS with a mirror
SOS signal using a mirror or any material that reflects the sunlight. Aimed towards an airplane, a ship or any rescue vehicle, nearby house, a village will make you visible for help Reflecting the light three short times then three long times will convey the message of trouble to those who can see the shots of light.

2.SOS with a Whistle
The whistle is a good sos signal for getting short-range help. Three blasts of a whistle are generally interpreted as a universal signal for distress.
Whistles are the perfect signal device to carry when children are on an outing.

3.SOS with fire
Fire can be used as an SOS signal of distress in the night. Fire flashes normally reach about 100 feet around. Three fires are an internationally recognized distress signal.  

4.SOS with sand or stones
Sand or any friable soil can be used to write SOS distress signal. Sand is good to write in if it is wet. Stones can be given a triangular or can be written in the form of SOS for a distress call.

5.SOS with flashlight/Torch
The flashlight of a torch or mobile phone torch can be used for help in distress by switching on and off and repeating same more time, till you can get the attention of target.

6.SOS with Body
If you having nothing of above, wave your arms and hands sideways and down to attract attention. This works only in clear space.Some times it works in attracting distress rescue choppers.


body signal for sos

7.SOS with tapping
In a confined space for any reason, you can tap against a wall or the inside of a car trunk or any door.

On the night the Titanic struck an iceberg, a network of wireless operators on ships and land stations frantically communicated with each other across the North Atlantic in an effort to mount a rescue mission. Titanic received detailed advice about the location of icebergs. Investigations after the sinking were never able to establish why these warnings were ignored.

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