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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices and is free requires IOS 8.2 or later. This app is compatible with iPhone, Ipad, Apple Watch, and iPod Touch.

This app covers 196 countries and more than 70 different emergency numbers. This app has the rating of 4.7/5 for the latest version3.3.0 with 27 ratings. The overall rating is 4.7/5 with 142 ratings. When selected for downloading, the app confirms the compatibility with  IOS of Iphone/Ipad?IPad Touch. The UI is very neat and the app is easy to use. It shows your current location as default but you can also change it to different countries and shows emergency numbers of that country, Police, medical, and Fire.

tripWhistle Global SOS,iphone
tripWhistle Global SOS

The app is work of IBM developerWorks.DeveloperWorks is a free web-based professional network and technical resource center from IBM for software developers, IT professionals, and students worldwide. The site attracts over 4 million unique visitors per month in 195 countries,[1] and is designed to help users develop and master skills, solve problems, collaborate with peers, and stay ahead of the latest trends in open standards and IBM technologies. 

IBM developer works
IBM DeveloperWorks


1. Dial local emergency police, fire, and ambulance phone numbers anywhere in the world with a single touch.
2. Quickly provide critical information to emergency respondents with in-app access to your street address and GPS coordinates.
3. Call emergency numbers directly from the app or from your wrist with the Apple Watch – Have all emergency numbers in the world in your pocket
4. Shows your exact position in latitude and longitude, as well via map and street address – Use the overview menu to find emergency numbers from any country
5. Coordinates are written in degrees, minutes and seconds so they’re easy to read.
6. See the emergency numbers for the country you’re in, directly on your wrist with the Apple Watch app
7.TripWhistle is a great app for everyone, more specific to frequent travelers.

TripWhistle Global SOS in apple watch
TripWhistle Global SOS-Apple Watch

If you travel frequently to foreign countries, this app will be indispensable to you: provides emergency calling information and coordinates for a wide variety of countries. This app should be a permanent part of the travel kit. Be careful, sometimes this app is activated accidentally by children when they fiddle with your phone.

Worldwide traveler sos app
International Traveler

You should always check if the phone works in the country of your visit, only then it will work.
 Different countries have different emergency numbers. You can find the emergency number with the help of this application, in the country where you are.

IMPORTANT: This app and developers are not responsible for costs related to calling the numbers in this app, not all numbers are free. We are not responsible if the app provides wrong number, wrong location, costs related to calling or similar issues.

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